Our products are now certified synthetic chemical-free and 99.99% bio-degradable and Certified Natural by Natural Verifiers and Australian Certified Organic.

For more information on this independent third party verification, please visit them at www.naturalverifiers.com.
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Citrofresh® is approved by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) as a Potable Water Treatment (Code C 61) and Non-Rinse Sanitiser (C 43) for use in Export Registered Fish and Meat Establishments.


NZ MAF Approvals:

1. Authorised for use in meat, fish, game and game meat premises operating under the Meat Act Regime.
2. Regulation 11(4)b of the Animal Products Regulations 2000 and Regulation 18(4)(b) of the Animal Products (Regulated Control Scheme - Limited Processing Fishing Vessels) Regulations 2001.
3. Clause 3(1) of the Animal Products (Specifications for Products Intended for Human Consumption) Notice 2004 and Clause 4(1) of the Animal Products Regulated Control Scheme - Limited Processing Fishing Vessels) Notice 2001. Sanefoam, CitroGro and Invigorator are exempt from approval under the ACVM Act 1997 & 2001 by NZFSA.

NZ MAF approved

Code C 43 - Fish, Game and Meat.

BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia)

Citrofresh® Food Wash & Natural Preservative, CitroShield® Disinfectant and CitroZine® have all been approved by the BFA for organic products.

AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service)

AQIS have accessed and accepted CitroShield® Disinfectant as a non-rinse sanitiser and CitroShield® Multi-purpose cleaner for use in Export Registered Establishments.


Approved as an Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal spray under the SGS Organic Certification Program.

Accreditations - PDF

  • AQIS : Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service: Conformity with EC 2092/91, EN45011 (or ISO65) – approval for meat and fish export and for water treatment control.
  • FSANZ : Food Standards Australia New Zealand – for use on food and food products
  • US FDA : United States Food and Drug Administration: the ingredients of CitroLife® active ingredients are “GRAS” listed (“Generally Regarded As Safe”)
  • BFA : Biological Farmers of Australia
  • DEPARTMENT of HEALTH – South Africa: Compliance with the requirements of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act