CitroLife for Agriculture

Promoting sustainable and productive agriculture with organic and natural solutions. Well nourished crops and animals produce higher yields and a higher grade of produce. CitroLife® products aim to assist agricultural producers to achieve such gains without the use of toxic chemicals. The importance of reducing chemical waste and improving farm-worker safety cannot be underestimated. CitroLife® products are natural, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable offering an environmentally sustainable and operator friendly option for today's agriculturalists.



Well nourished plants are capable of defending themselves against bacterial attack through the production of phytoalexins which are natural toxins produced plants in response to pathogen attack.

CitroGro® Nutrient Synergist is a nutrient synergist with bactericidal properties. It acts as a systemic nutrient synergist which improves the nutrition of the crop thus assisting in the activation of the plants natural protection and defence mechanisms.

CitroGro® can be used in conjunction with a liquid nutrient or a plant food or fertilizer which can be used as a transplant solution, starter on seeds or a foliar spray allowing yields and plant health to increase..



CitroFresh® is currently developing an organic virucidal feed additive to promote animal health. Please contact us for further details.

Bio-Security Disinfectant


A very important characteristic of both preventing and controlling (decontamination) emergency disease outbreaks is access to supplies of a reliable, highly effective disinfectant. CitroShield® is such a product, being powerful yet friendly to humans, animals and the environment. The product is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

CitroGro® USES

Well nourished plants produce better quality produce and are able to better resist pest and pathogen attack.

The full CitroGro® program incorporates the use of CitroGro® with a Plant Foliar Spray (Invigorator) and added Calcium in the form of finely ground Calcium Carbonate as a combination to help improve plant nutrition.

For best results from a CitroGro® Program:

Do not apply in the heat of the day. In hot sunny conditions susceptibility to leaf burn is increased. Apply either early morning or early evening. Tests indicate early morning application with dew present is most effective. Do not mix with other chemicals. Do not apply if rain is expected within 6 hours. Reapply after rain ceases and foliage is dry. Agitate before applying.

CitroGro® should be applied at least four (4) times during the growing season (preferably 6) to obtain optimum results. Care should be taken not to over fertilize. Too much fertilizer will produce robust plant with no fruit. If growth is too vigorous, reduce the amount of fertilizer, particularly in sandy soil where trickle watering is also used. Contact us for advice on use in Hydroponic situations

The following tables are guides only for application to various crops. Contact us for detailed information and recommendations for your situation/crop.

CitroFresh® Feed Additive (Suggested Feed Rates)


  • Use at a rate of 2kg of CitroFresh® Feed Additive per tonne of feed daily. CitroFresh® Feed Additive can either be included prior to pelleting or extruding or can be used as a top-dressing directly on to finished feed (addition of an edible oil can aid adhesion of CitroFresh® to the finished feed.)
  • It is recommend that CitroFresh® Feed Additive is administered for at least 10 consecutive days. When disease pressure is higher than normal, treatment may be continued for up to a 4 - 6 week application, followed by a 3 week layoff.
  • CitroFresh® can be given at any time during the production cycle right up to slaughter.
  • Store in a cool dry place in the original container with the lid firmly closed.
  • Protect from humidity or dampness.


CitroFresh®  Feed additive can be administered in Aquaculture at 1-2kg per tonne of normal daily feed. It is particularly effective in intensive fish farms when administered for 10 days at a time. It may be incorporated using either gelatin or edible oil as a binding agent.