CitroLife® Food Processing - Poultry Applications


The control of bacterial contamination in poultry rearing, egg and carcass processing and packaging is an important health and economic consideration in the poultry industry.

Currently the antibacterial/antimicrobial market is dominated by products containing high levels of chlorine, bromine, hydroxide or ammonia. These chemicals are toxic and pose both application and disposal issues for operators and the environment.

CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative is an organic food wash that can deliver the requirements of cleaning and sanitising in a non corrosive and biodegradable system.

CitroLife® products can be used in a number of areas in the poultry industry.

CitroShield® Multi-Purpose Cleaner can be used for general surface cleaning and sanitation. It is a powerful alkaline biocidal foaming cleaner and will remove heavy soiling. The product leaves a residual biocidal activity and is suitable for use on processing surfaces packaging plant and transport vehicles, holding pens and bins as well as floor, wall and cold room areas. CitroShield® Multi-Purpose Cleaner is effective at low dilutions 2-4% and dilutions can be simply altered on site to address specific soiling requirements. CitroShield® Multi-Purpose Cleaner is non hazardous and biodegradable.

CitroShield® Disinfectant
 is an organic disinfectant that can be used for surface sanitation on all processing surfaces and equipment with no requirement for rinsing. The product is completely safe to humans and animals and can be used for cage and pen cleaning. CitroShield® Disinfectant is effective at dilutions of 2-4% depending on the levels of bacterial load. Two hundred (200) litres of CitroShield® Disinfectant concentrate will produce 10,000 litres of 2% sanitising solution CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative can be used at 2% for carcass washing to reduce levels of common pathogens associated with food poisoning.

CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative can be used during poultry rearing, as a liquid addition to the water supply for the birds. The broad spectrum biocidal efficacy reduces water contamination and cross contamination.