CitroLife® Food Processing - Seafood


The control of bacterial contamination in seafood processing and packaging is an important health and economic consideration in the meat industry. Currently the antibacterial/antimicrobial market is dominated by products containing high levels of chlorine, bromine, hydroxide or ammonia.


These chemicals are toxic and pose both application and disposal issues for operators and the environment. CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative is an organic food was that can deliver the requirements of cleaning and sanitising in a safe, non corrosive and biodegradable system.


CitroLife® products can be used in a number of areas in the seafood industry.



Decks, Holding Tanks, Storage Containers, Transportation Vehicles and Cold Rooms -after removal of gross debris, clean and sanitise using CitroShield® Multi-Purpose Cleaner (adjust dilution 2-10% depending on level of soiling). Leave for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing off with water. Spray with CitroShield® Disinfectant (2%) and leave to dry. No rinsing is required CitroShield® Disinfectant.



Water used to make ice can have CitroFresh® added (1 - 2%) prior to freezing. Spread an adequate quantity of flake ice over each layer of fish as it is stored in the fishing vessels hold. The slow melting of the ice will distribute CitroFresh® over the fish/seafood thereby giving it a continuous dosing.



Glazing water should have CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative added (1 - 2% concentration) to enable bacterial control to occur during defrosting.



Dip prawns for a minimum of 5 minutes in CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative (5%). By dipping the prawns in this solution, prevents "Black Spot." Using a solution of 5% will allow the processor to dip approximately 500kg of prawns. Care must be taken after this point to keep product temperature and condition stable by freezing or chilling. If black spot has already occurred, CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative will not act as a bleaching compound.


Knives, Steels and Scabbards:

Scrub in solution of CitroShield® Disinfectant (2%) and leave immersed in the solution overnight. (CitroShield® Disinfectant is non corrosive)


Splitting Saws, Automatic Filleters and Cutting Blocks:

Foam clean with CitroShield® Multi-Purpose Cleaner (2-10%) leave for 20 - 30 minutes then rinse off. Spray with CitroShield® Disinfectant (2%) and leave to air dry. No rinsing is required. Submerge cutting / filleting boards overnight in a 2% solution of CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative following foam cleaning and rinsing.


Hand Washing:

Before handling food, wash and dry hands then apply CitroShield® Hand Sanitiser and let it dry.


Locker Rooms, Toilets & Showers:

Spray or fog daily with CitroShield® Disinfectant (2%). This will help minimise the risk of cross contamination. No rinsing required.


Aprons, Gloves and Boots:

The above garments should be treated at intervals throughout the day with CitroShield® Disinfectant (2%). There are no residues after the application of CitroShield® Disinfectant. During the initial anti-microbial contact period, CitroShield® Disinfectant combines with the pathogens present on the food and breaks them down into harmless components including CO2 and water. Within a few hours of application the natural components that remain will have either combined with the organic acids and sugars present in the food, or broken down further into harmless components, leaving no detectable residues or toxicity.