About Our CitroLife® Products

Petri Dish Bacteria

CitroLife® products are organic and natural.  CitroLife® products offer a natural solution to cleaning, sanitization and preservation.

CitroLife have products that are produced specifically for a variety of applications, including:


CitroFresh® Food Wash and Natural Preservative:

CitroFresh® Food Wash & Natural Preservative is derived from botanical plant extracts and organic acids.  It can be used as a processing aid for controlling contaminating micro-organisms in the food industry. It reduces the risk of food poisoning by eliminating pathogenic micro organisms which then extend the shelf life and freshness of any fresh, raw, chilled and cooked foods, meats, poultry, fish and produce before packaging and distribution to retail outlets. Citrofresh® will keep produce fresh for up to 2-5 times longer than conventional methods resulting in very high reductions in spoilage.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

CitroShield® Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Hand Sanitiser and Hand and Body Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Dishwashing Liquid, Glass and Window Cleaner.

CitroShield® Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Hand Sanitiser and Hand and Body Cleaner are a range of fast acting, antibacterial cleaning and sanitising products. They can be used on any surface wherever efficient hygiene is required, including households, businesses, factories, hotels, restaurants and in professional cleaning services.



CitroGro® Liquid Nutrient, Nutrient Synergist and Crop Health.

CitroGro® Liquid Nutrient, Nutrient Synergist and Crop Health are a range of organic plant health management products with fungicidal, viricidal and bactericidal properties. They are based on an anti-microbial bioflavonoid complex from citrus fruits and coconut extracts containing a vitamin complex for plants. Acting as a systemic nutrient which improves the nutrition of any plant, tree or crop, CitroGro® assists in the activation of the plants natural protection and defence mechanisms by the production of phytoalexins. The benefits of improving plant nutrition using CitroGro® products are a reduction in the number of fertilizers required and the output of higher grade of produce.

Personal and Health Care

CitroCare® Personal and Health Care 

CitroCare® is a range of organic personal care products and formulations which include, antibacterial wet towelletes, personal lubricant, anti-bacterial lip balm, non-alcoholic mouthwash alcohol free hand sanitiser, face and body moisturiser and face and body tonic. We are continually researching and developing further products in the CitroCare® range with a view to educating consumers that toxicity can be easily eradicated for future personal and environmental sustainability.

Super Concentrated

CitroZine® Active Ingredient.

CitroZine® Active Ingredient, in its pure form, is a natural and organic active ingredient that can be used as a preservative, anti-oxidant and disinfectant in cosmetics, personal care, health care, food and cleaning products. CitroZine® will provide a minimum shelf life of 2 years and in some products even longer.

Domestic and Industrial Citrolife Products

Domestic for Household


Industrial and Commercial for Hospitals, Manufacturing, Restaurants and more



CitroLife® Product Attributes

  • Permitted to be used in Export Registered Meat and Seafood Establishments
  • 99.99% Biodegradable
  • Do not contain any petrochemicals or harsh synthetic chemical substances

CitroLife® Products are also:-

  • Not tested on animals
  • Non – corrosive
  • CitroFresh® is listed as a Food Additive and Food Ingredient by FSANZ and will not taint or change the flavour of food or food products
  • CitroFresh® and CitroZine® is a powerful antioxidant
  • Not affected by pH
  • Stable up to 130° celcius
  • Use only as directed - always read the label